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What Does a Transfer Agreement Do

To move beyond a strategy focused on articulation agreements, two- and four-year institutions must first and foremost build strong relationships through mutual trust, as well as shared responsibility for transfer student success and a shared commitment to continuous improvement. Some of the 2021 Aspen Award finalists have remarkable transfer strategies that they have built through strong relationships with their partner institutions. San Jacinto College combines early career exploration with mandatory pre-course enrollment advice to get students on track quickly and minimize credit loss due to accidental course selection or program change. San Antonio College has created 1,000 transfer advisory guides with 13 four-year institutions that specify the courses a student must take to advance to their junior major, with students losing a maximum of three credits during the transfer, compared to a national average of 13 credits lost. Finally, Broward College lecturers attend retreat days with their peers from Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University, their most common transfer goals, to review the program and data on student outcomes, and they have revised the courses accordingly. From another perspective, transfer agreements simplify the complexity of determining the courses to be taken. You should get rid of the guesswork regarding portability. Compliance with articulation agreements should save students time and money – an important benefit in coping with rising costs of college alternatives. Finally, institutions need to work together to ensure that students learn the right things at the right time. Harmonizing the curriculum – for example, ensuring that lower-level mathematics courses provide exactly the skills required for engineering courses in the first year – prepares students academically for transfer while fostering trust between faculty members at two- and four-year institutions.

While articulation agreements can be useful in dictating course equivalencies, they do not encourage frequent meetings to reassess course content and adjust evolving curricula. In addition to ensuring better academic preparation for transfer students, through this collaboration, university faculty will gain a better understanding of the rigor of community college courses and, ideally, reduce bias. Many students start community college without knowing what they want to study or where they want to go. Articulation agreements may not guide students or consider their interests, but high-quality and timely advice may. Early counselling, including guided exploration of professional interests and early selection of a transfer goal, can ensure that students are on the right track before enrolling in their first courses and are on a path that accompanies them to graduation. Coordinating boards between institutions, including making it available to community college students by university advisors, can help ensure that transfer students take the right courses and procedures before they change, so that they are ready to succeed as soon as they enter the four-year campus. If you have any questions about admission to UW Bothell, please contact us so we can help you make a smooth transition to your high school diploma program! Colleges and universities publish articulation agreements after reviewing the curriculum and level of instruction, and then agree on how courses taken at a community college, for example, will meet the requirements of courses at the future 4-year institution. Academic departments usually work together to draft and publish the agreements, which can take a few months to prepare. The Direct Transfer Agreement is a national guideline on transfer loans. The objective of this voluntary agreement at the national level is to facilitate the transfer of loans; This is not an approval agreement.

An eligible DTA Associate degree is generally defined as the degree awarded by a community college to students who have completed a transfer program that meets most of the general educational requirements for a high school program in Washington State. .

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