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Sa Public Sector Enterprise Agreement 2019

26.2 An agreement to take time off instead of paying overtime may be entered into before or after overtime. 23.2.2 The consultation on a proposal on flexibility in the workplace will focus on operational efficiency and productivity of work and the impact of non-professional work on the workers concerned and whether the proposal has a political impact on all public sector authorities. If such political implications arise, the workers concerned or the representatives of the employees concerned who are parties to this company agreement may forward the proposal to the CPSE for consultation with those employees and the representatives of the workers concerned who are parties to this company agreement. 35.1.2 If a trade union has reason to believe that there has been a breach or alleged non-compliance with this Company Agreement with respect to its members: an express basis on which this Agreement is concluded; or a parliamentary process in which an employment benefit is reduced or cancelled; an existing condition; or any condition set out in this Agreement, the Union may make amends to SAET in this respect. b) From one night, Monday to Friday, which is a „two-day holiday“, The surplus employee and his or her case manager both have access to (for job classifications to which this Company Agreement applies) prior to publication, including for a period during which the surplus employee is on temporary assignment. Continue to be subject to the processes and requirements (legislation, policies and administration) that apply to a public sector employee. 10.2 If an employee has been hired as an apprentice under the Training and Skills Development Act, 2008 and has successfully completed his or her training contract, can demonstrate satisfactory performance evaluations throughout his or her employment and maintains public sector values, the employee will become a continuing employee in accordance with section 45 (2) (a) of Public Xxxxxx Xxx 0000 or equivalent. 13.10 If an employee who is not a casual worker is required to work outside of his or her normal working hours and the period of work begins or ends outside the normal hours of operation of public transit, the employee is entitled to reimbursement of reasonable commuting or working from home expenses (depending on: which is true), subject to this clause. 23.3.1 The employee and the director general of an agency must agree that such an agreement is mutually beneficial (i.e.

they consider themselves to be better off overall, taking into account this company agreement and the applicable award (taken as a whole). Public sector agencies SA as defined in clause 4.2 of this Company Agreement are required to make reasonable efforts to find suitable employment within the Agency or other employment in the public sector for employees who have been declared excessive. This annex outlines how the agencies will put this commitment into practice. 1.1.2 The Parties acknowledge that the recycling, recycling and dismissal framework is established as part of the implementation of government policies, principles, responsibilities and legal requirements applicable to public bodies, directors and employees. Formal negotiations on a new corporate agreement (known as „corporate negotiation“) began on December 17, 2019. This agreement covers a wide range of groups of workers, including: The provisions of the Public Sector Employment Commissioner are binding and cover a range of public sector employment issues. (1) The normal length of service of a civil servant shall be on average 150 per four-week period performed irregularly over 7 days, including public holidays, as determined by the employer, provided that, with the consent of the employer, leave instead of paying overtime; or Consult individual company agreements for up-to-date details on salary grids. The case manager should consult with the surplus staff member during the period prior to publication for each position whose recommendation is being considered. This clause applies if a case manager sincerely believes that a vacancy has been removed or effectively republished after the withdrawal of a previous position on the website. In the event that a vacancy has been removed, the case manager will notify the manager of the vacancy of his or her intention to intervene. In the event that a vacancy has been reallocated, the case manager may postpone the vacancy (prior to publication) or, after publication, inform the employment manager of the intention to advise the relevant human resources manager of the recruitment agency. If the matter cannot be resolved, the matter will be formally forwarded by the case manager within 48 hours with full details to CPSE and the employee CEO and the vacant Executive Director for resolution.

20.2 The Parties recognize that by strengthening the skills of employees and investing in the development of skills and abilities that support an ever-changing environment in the public sector, career opportunities, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of clients and organizations, and the reputation of the public sector as an employer of choice, value is created for employees, organizations and the public.  Unless mutually agreed between the employee concerned and the employer, employees have two consecutive days of leave in one week. I. have made reasonable efforts to find other suitable duties at the Agency or in other public sector jobs to which the employee may be assigned or transferred under conditions that maintain, but have not found the employee`s level of remuneration; and The Director General shall ensure that a vacancy, whether designated as temporary, temporary or permanent, does not enter the registration phase of publication if there is an appropriate surplus staff member with appropriate support and training in that agency at the same classification level. . . .

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