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Restaurant Event Agreement

Thank you for choosing Bluefish Restaurant to host your next event. Your preliminary booking is the following until the return of this event contract on the specified date. FINAL PAYMENT Payment is due in full on the day of your event. All invoices are subject to taxes and service charges. National and local sales tax and a 3% service fee will be added to the final invoice. The Bluefish Restaurant welcomes all major credit cards, cash or company cheques. DECORATIONS All materials brought to the Bluefish restaurant by you/guests and/or vendors must be removed by the event coordinator or customer after the event, unless otherwise agreed with the Group Sales Manager. Bluefish Restaurant is not responsible for items left in the establishment, lost or stolen. Nothing can be placed on the walls of the restaurant or banquet halls. NUMBER OF GUESTS GUARANTEED We ask you to guarantee the number of guests for your event at least 7 days before your event. This information is important for our kitchen so that they can plan and provide you with the menu you have chosen. The guarantee of the final number of guests (whether they all appear or not) will be charged to you as the food has been ordered and/or prepared.

Additional guests can be added up to 4 days before your event. CANCELLATION POLICY A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to book your event date. All events are considered provisional until a deposit is received and a contract is signed. Deposits can be made by credit card or in person with cash. All deposits will be credited to your final statement. If you decide to cancel your event for any reason, you will lose all amounts paid so far. TERMS OF AGREEMENT AND LIABILITY OF THE RESERVED PARTY The reserved party agrees to start and end the event at the scheduled times. We require a room deposit as set out in our room rate plan. Room rental is for a period of 3 hours for daytime events and 4 hours for evening events. If additional time for the event is required, the additional fee is $250.00 per hour plus additional purchases of food and beverages.

Longer purchases are subject to room availability. The reserved party undertakes to assume full responsibility for the conduct of its guests and to conduct the event in an orderly and serious manner in accordance with applicable laws. Damages suffered by guests when attending an event will be charged to the person making the reservation. TIP To fully comply with the IRS`s position regarding tips and tricks, Bluefish Restaurant does NOT automatically impose a tip on your final bill. By initializing at the place indicated below, the reserving party asks the banquet supplier to indicate this percentage of tip on the invoice. This percentage is distributed in its entirety to the non-executive servers that occupied the event. ALCOHOL AND MINORS Outside, alcoholic beverages are prohibited on our premises. We reserve the right to request photo ID from a person of questionable age and we reserve the right to refuse alcoholic beverages to anyone who appears to be drunk in our opinion. If it is determined that minors will be served alcohol at your event, we reserve the right to close the bar and bar amounts are non-refundable. You and your guests are responsible for minors at your event and you release us from any liability arising from the consumption of alcohol by minors at your event. Shots and shooters will not be served from the bar during your event. The Reserved Party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Restaurant, its partners, employees, agents, officers, directors, affiliates and independent contractors from any claim, suit, suit or allegation of damage to persons or property related to the event from which it arises or relates in any way to the event that is not due to the negligence or misconduct of the Restaurant or its employees.

is due. TAXES AND SERVICE FEES All prices exclude the service fee of 3% of the subtotal of the event, which does not constitute compensation, tip or tip for the service provided by the staff providing the service for the event. This service fee is not a tip to the servers and will not be paid to them. In addition, all fees, including food, beverages, decoration, rental fees, and service fees, may be subject to national and local sales tax. Where applicable, service charges may be taxable under national and local tax legislation. If necessary, Bluefish Restaurant will charge the required VAT on these fees. 17% tip percentage: Signer`s initials: CREDIT CARD /CHECK INFORMATION For all group bookings, we require a deposit by credit card or check to confirm the booking. Your credit card or check information is due within 72 hours and definitively confirms your reservation. If your credit card or cheque information has not been received by the due date, your reservation will be cancelled and Bluefish Restaurant will have no further obligation. You agree and authorize Bluefish Restaurant to charge your credit card in accordance with the attached credit card authorization form and for final payment, unless otherwise stated. **This agreement expires unless signed and returned by: Minimum Expense Fee: The minimum spending fee on the date and time you requested is $. This is the amount required in your food and beverage combinations before taxes and tips.

Date of issue:[Date of issue] Reservation party:[Project name] Contact name:[Contact name] Street: City, State, Postal code: Email: Phone number(s): PROHIBITED ITEMS The following items are not allowed in the facility at all times: sparks, glitter, bird food, sand, confetti and cigars. Alcohol service is always carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations for alcoholic beverages. .

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